RPTP submission

Here is the summary of the submission I have made.
Network Structure (Routes)
The bus routes appear to be satisfactory but there are reasons to be concerned about the link routes as this model has proven largely unsuccessful and there is an admission that the patronage has not been achieved. I believe the link routes should be folded into another orbital type of route that goes right round the city.
Services and Infrastructure
The following are important infrastructure and services for an improved PT service in Canterbury:
  1. Timetables
    1. Bus finders are often broken and out of service for months at a time. It is not reasonable for the Busfinder budget to have been slashed.
    2. New bus stops tell people to use their phone instead of displaying a paper timetable. Some people are not able to use smartphones or their phone may not be able to run the app.
  2. Pedestrian safety. Currently CCC have pedestrian facilities as a low priority, this needs to be improved.
  3. PTOM contracting. We do not want the emphasis on lowering the cost of providing services at the expense of other considerations. Do not want a return to the 1990s with old buses run by barebones operators.
  4. Passenger facilities. CCC has been looking at full suburban interchange passenger lounges for decades but has now clearly been instructed by the politicians to provide only slightly improved bus stops. In areas like Eastgate these are not suitable at night as passengers are not secure. Passenger transport must become more accessible at night as very few people travel on services during these times. As it states high personal security is important.
  5. Complaints procedure. Currently there is no fallback option for passengers who experience a lack of response from bus companies. There needs to be an escalation option to a higher authority or complaints handled by Metro from the outset.
  6. Metrocard. People should be able to buy a metrocard on the bus without being compelled to fill in forms which should be optional.
  7. National Ticketing. There needs to be an option to continue using cards for those without smartphones or NTI capable models.
  8. Funding:
    1. We are nowhere near 50% Farebox Recovery Target and how are we ever going to get there? This is nonsense. Should be lobbying government to bring this back down to 40%. All the changes that people dislike would be unnecessary at 40% and as we are still only at 40% going to 50% is unrealistic. Please drop this 50% FBT by 2020 target.
    2. As the government has announced only funding for the next three years for PT as paying these subsidies there are clearly no initiatives for funding for this RPTP over that time.
    3. Efficiency push should not be at the expense of service quality or drivers’ wages and conditions that the PTOM has changed the priority of.
  9. Bus standards. Please ensure all buses have non slip floors as there appear to be no national standards for these, it appears to be up to the operator whether they are installed. The national standards are probably nowhere near as good as the standard we have now.
  10. Procurement standard. Please drop PTOM mandated standards that aim to cut service quality and the rates paid to drivers to make services more commercially focused as was the aim of the National Government.
  11. CCC Funding. There is nothing in this plan that requires any commitment from CCC to fund any of the infrastructure that we need in the city. They at the moment are only spending money on bus lanes.
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