Papanui Bus Lanes

Papanui-Innes Board has been considering bus lanes from Harewood Road to Sawyers Arms Road. There’s been a bit of hysteria over this because the facts are plain enough I think, as per the aerial photos below:
Harewood Road to Winston Avenue. The Board has recommended this section be left as it is now. Parking only exists on the west side (uppermost). As you can see there are lots of carparks behind the business premises.
Winston Avenue to Langdons Road / Mary Street. Bus lanes already cover most of the east (lower) side but there are some small parking bays which are mostly being retained. There will be parks lost on the west (upper) side but again, there are ample off street parks for those businesses.
Langdons Road / Mary Street to Proctor Street. Bus lanes and parking restrictions already in place on the east (lower) side. On the west side there is already a cycle lane and therefore no parks. Plenty of parking offstreet for the businesses, as usual, so very small parking impact.
Proctor Street to Halliwell Avenue. Bus lanes and stops already on the east side, and bus stops and parking restrictions on the west side. Very little change.
Halliwell Avenue to Sawyers Arms Road. The major change here will be signalising the Grassmere Street intersection. This will add another set of pedestrian crossings. As there are already bus lanes and parking restrictions all over the place it is difficult to see that the impact will be major.
The only sensible conclusion which can be reached is that there is only a small impact on parking and that for businesses which nearly all have off street parking at the rear of the premises. Bus lanes already occupy much of the east side of Main North Road as it is. There will be more safe crossing places than exist currently for pedestrians. 
Kudos to Councillor Mike Davidson for providing a balanced perspective along with the majority of his colleagues.
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