High Street Redevelopment Submission

This is the first actual post from Christchurch Transport Blog under that name. The blog has had all the posts from previous blogs imported to it and they appear in the archive section of the blog.

As noted in a previous post, CCC opened consultation on High Street about four weeks ago and today, 11 June, was the last day of submissions. My submission was virtually identical to what I wrote in the blog post and incorporated the following summary:

The plan is of concern because it prioritises motor vehicle traffic in an area of the city which mostly has pedestrian malls at both ends of the section of High Street covered by this plan. Cyclists are very poorly catered for with little appreciation of the added safety risks they face because of the presence of the tram tracks, particularly in the north block section where there are two tram tracks side by side, and the expectation of car parking being provided on both sides of the street is an unreasonable wastage of the limited space on a relatively narrow thoroughfare.

As High Street is not a major traffic route, parts of the section under review should be closed to motor vehicle traffic entirely or their access or the amount of parking provided for, severely restricted. This would be in keeping with the character of the surrounding area. High Street is so close to other roads which are open to vehicle traffic that there would be little inconvenience in limiting vehicle access and parking in the manner described in the detailed submission which follows. For example there is access to a car park in the northern block from an access lane through the Stranges Building complex off Lichfield St. Likewise, premises in the mid and southern blocks are easily accessible from rear access from adjoining Manchester, Lichfield, Madras and Tuam Streets. It is therefore extremely difficult to justify the need for vehicle access onto High Street and car parking (except mobility parking).

The proposal is expected to have public hearings held in August-September (depending on council election timetable) and construction is expected to start mid-2020.

I am considering speaking to the public hearings. As I have not done this before this will be subject to my perception of the hearing process itself and timeframe (availability).

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