Christchurch Bus Route Maps

As previously detailed in my posts about the RPTP, I am drawing the route maps for the present routes for Christchurch City. Originally I had planned to use the 0.075 metre coverage, but the amount needed to cover the whole city is too great for my computer to cope with even with 32 GB of RAM. Therefore I switched to the 0.3 metre coverage which is still very sharp and clear as the accompanying pictures demonstrated. Below are three different zoom levels of the Blue Line route in Qgis 3.2.2.

The last of these shows a representation of the route through the central city Bus Interchange.
The routes will only be drawn to the city limits as I am only really concerned with Christchurch City.
TheĀ  map should only take until Monday to finish now that I have overcome the issue of the correct aerial photography. I am not sure how much other detail to add such as roads, but these can easily be put in with a roads layer from NZ Rail Maps, and all the NZRM styles are, of course, available in my style manager. As per NZRM, the standard line style shown for these routes will consist of a coloured line over the top of a white line to make it stand out over the aerial photos. Roads probably will only show names without paths.
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