CCC Public Transport Fails Continue

UPDATE: Since the Annual Plan consultation process was completed it has been announced that the Riccarton bus lounge will stay open.

CCC is now constructing new bus shelters at Eastgate Mall in Linwood Ave. This is called a bus hub and is supposed to be a better solution for bus passengers and residents yet fails to address many concerns over the use of the public transport network around Eastgate Mall. Primarily there are major concerns for the safety and comfort of passengers using these stops, particularly at night. The Council firmly rejected calls for a passenger lounge that would have better provided for passengers and residents of the area at what is a major interchange point and with the Council now lobbying to close the bus lounge in Riccarton purely on cost saving grounds, thus undoing the improvements implemented by a previous council, there is clearly no commitment to improving the public transport network across the city. Claims by the Council it is not beholden to this because they do not operate the public transport system are irrelevant buck passing sidestepping. By failing to provide better facilities for passengers changing buses at a major interchange like Eastgate the Council is ensuring that public transport will not be an effective or viable alternative to driving in the foreseeable future.

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