CCC Opposition To Commuter Rail Continues? Where To Now For CR Campaign?

At this stage it’s uncertain where commuter rail proposas for Christchurch will go to in the near future. The article title is based on the understanding that the latest bus system improvement plan seeks to prioritise bus services and make them more viable and attractive to passengers, this includes the rather obvious attempts by CCC to capture the public transport system within its own boundaries and strategic interests. Public transport in Greater Christchurch remains overwhelmingly focused around Christchurch City and the existence of bus routes that essentially parallel the major rail corridors is a slap in the face for rail advocates as long as the mass rapid transit development process grinds on.

At the same time, the politics is killing this campaign. Surely that is the intention of the politicians with the most to lose from commuter rail. This blog has got very little time for local government politics and the campaigning that was done by affiliated groups up to the local body elections has largely faded from view. It’s time to take a break over the New Year holiday period and have a rethink about where things are going with this.

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