Less Blogging For 2020

In 2020 this blog will be a lot less busy than in 2019. This is just an inevitable outcome of changing personal priorities. We plan to mainly focus on supporting the work that other people are doing to improve transport in Christchurch.

Continuation of blog and group

Since the local body elections which were somewhat underwhelming we have been considering the future of this blog and the accompanying Facebook group. We have pulled back our level of interaction with many local government politicians and community groups. However we expect to continue blogging but probably at a reduced output from before. The group… Continue reading Continuation of blog and group

Who, Why, Where, What?

Here is an introduction to Christchurch Transport Blog and what is proposed to be achieved from it. The aim with this blog is to support transport focused activism mostly in Christchurch but occasionally there will be a focus on more national things. I have have a long term interest in a lot of different types… Continue reading Who, Why, Where, What?