Analysing the Canterbury Regional Public Transport Plan 2018-2028 [3A]: Infrastructure and Services

To have a successful public transport network you need to have suitable supporting infrastructure and services. The RPTP has identified some of the infrastructure/service needs, including the following:

Issue Comment
Bus priority through real time tracking ;
High occupancy vehicle infrastructure ;
Network management ;
Rapid transit land corridors ;
Review of community board delegations ;
Provide cycling / bus share facilities at certain stops ;
Bike rack provision on buses ;
Vehicle capacity ;
Subsidy levels ;
Improve pedestrian safety / walking access to core services ;
Plan key park and ride sites across city ;
Renewal and maintenance of customer facilities (shelters, timetables, seats) ;
Ticketing system (and transition to NTS) ;
Timetable development ;
Journey planning tools ;
Customer information channels and methods ;
Customer service standards for drivers ;
Customer feedback channels ;
Accessibility ;

Much of the latter half of the report is a detailed breakdown of these various points.

One of my next posts will fill in the right hand column with some comments asking some important questions about the Plan’s approach to these issues.

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