Analysing the Canterbury Regional Public Transport Plan 2018-2028 [2B]: Submissions – Carryover

In [2A] I posted my previous submission from 2012 when I highlighted a number of key issues in respect of the bus network at the time. What I am going to expand upon in this post is which of these issues are still important and why. This would be part of the basis for a submission on the new plan.
  • Lack of suburban passenger exchange facilities (the hubs). Ecan promised in their Change Is Coming document that these facilities would be provided. All that has occurred are some super stops like at Northlands and Barrington Mall, and the Riccarton suburban interchange. The nine stops at Eastgate or a similar number at other major crossovers like the Palms Mall have not been altered at all, even with a public campaign by Eastgate neighbours to get something done about the stops in Buckleys Road two years ago.
  • ┬áDelays when transferring from core services to link services due to the infrequent operation of the link services (these are often hourly, which means a passenger could wait up to 45 minutes when transferring off a core route)
  • Link services have had to be repeatedly revised due to their failure to attract patronage. Some link services have turned back into city connectors, the type of service the links were originally created to replace.
  • The model of provision needs to improve markedly (which we hope this plan will provide for) as post-earthquake cuts to services and the model promoted by the previous government as well as failings in the standard of infrastructure provided by the CCC (the two temporary interchanges for example) would have been significant in discouraging passengers from using the services.
  • We have got a new bus exchange but we still have the link services that do not go into the exchange. Hence it is hard to say whether what we have now is necessarily better than in 2012. Given that there has just been another round of cuts and revisions to the link services I would say that is not the case.

So that is a brief summary of carryover issues. There are a number of new issues that I would expect to add to a submission and these will be discussed in a future post.

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