Analysing the Canterbury Regional Public Transport Plan 2018-2028 [1B]: Network – Current

So here is what we have in our current Metro network across the city. I am downloading all the timetables for full reference. There are of course some changes currently in the pipeline already to routes like 145 that soon will be implemented. This is essentially the state of the network as it existed at the beginning of this year.

The core routes are:

  • Orbiter (technically a link route as it does not go into the CBD)
  • Purple Line – Airport, Burnside, Avonhead, Ilam, Upper Riccarton, Riccarton, City, Phillipstown, Woolston, Ferrymead, Sumner
  • Yellow Line – Rolleston, Templeton, Hornby, Upper Riccarton, Riccarton, City, Linwood, Aranui, New Brighton
  • Orange Line – Knights Stream, Halswell, Hillmorton, Addington, City, Richmond, Shirley, Burwood, Queenspark
  • Blue Line – Rangiora, Southbrook, Kaiapoi, Belfast, Redwood, Papanui, Merivale, City, Sydenham, Beckenham, Cashmere

The connector routes are:

  • 17 – Burnside, Bryndwr, Fendalton, City, Waltham, St Martins, Huntsbury
  • 28 – Papanui, Northcote, St Albans, Edgeware, City, Sydenham, Waltham, Opawa, Hillsborough, Heathcote, Lyttelton
  • 29 – Airport, Burnside, Fendalton, City
  • 44 – Dallington, Shirley, Mairehau, St Albans, City
  • 60 – Southshore, New Brighton, Burwood, Mairehau, Richmond, City, Addington, Barrington, Hillmorton, Wigram
  • 80 – Lincoln, Prebbleton, Hornby, Sockburn, Middleton, Riccarton, City, Phillipstown, Linwood, Avonside, Wainoni, North New Brighton
  • 85 – Rolleston, City
  • 95 – Waikuku, Pegasus, Woodend, Kaiapoi, Belfast, Redwood, Papanui, Merivale, City

The link routes are:

  • 100 – Shirley, Edgeware, St Albans, Merivale, Fendalton, Riccarton, Ilam, Upper Riccarton, Sockburn, Wigram, Halswell
  • 107 – Northwood, Bishopdale, Northcote, Papanui
  • 108 – Northwood, Casebrook, Papanui
  • 120 – Burnside, Bryndwr, Fendalton, Riccarton, Addington, Barrington
  • 125 – Redwood, Bishopdale, Airport, Burnside, Avonhead, Russley, Hornby, Westlake, Halswell
  • 130 – Avonhead, Ilam, Riccarton, , Upper Riccarton, Sockburn, Yaldhurst, Hornby
  • 135 – Marshlands, Burwood, Parklands, North Brighton,  New Brighton
  • 140 -Hornby, Russley, Upper Riccarton, Middleton, Riccarton, Addington, Phillipstown, Linwood, Woolston, Ferrymead, Mt Pleasant, Redcliffs
  • 145 – Linwood, Bromley, Woolston, Hillsborough, St Martins, Beckenham, Sydenham, Spreydon, Somerfield, Hoon Hay, Westmorland
  • 150 – Richmond, Shirley, Marshlands, Waitikiri, Spencerville
  • 535 – Rapaki, Lyttelton, Heathcote, Ferrymead, Woolston, Bromley, Linwood
  • 820 – Burnham, Rolleston, Springston, Lincoln
  • F – Diamond Harbour Ferry
 At the start of 2018 Ecan came up with a 2018-2028 RLTP and proposed some route changes which are being implemented to the following routes. Unsurprisingly they are all link services that are not popular with passengers. The wheels have fallen off the hub spoke model quite badly with so many of these link services being chopped in various ways since the system came into existence.
  • 107 – reduced frequency from half-hourly to hourly, later start time and earlier finish time
  • 108 – replaced by an extension of route 28 (which is slightly reduced in frequency due to the extension).
  • 135 – there is to be a new route combining this route with 150
  • 145 – Westmorland to Barrington is incorporated into a new connector service. Part of the route goes into a new 155 service between Lyttelton and Eastgate. Cashmere High students using 145 service will get a new school-only service.
  • 150 – part of this goes into a new service combining with 135. However the Spencerville section of the route will be discontinued, except for school pupils who will get a dedicated service to the new QE2 high school.
  • 155 – the new route from Lyttelton via Ferrymead, Woolston and Bromley to Eastgate. It will be a trial running three times daily on weekdays for 12 months.
  • 535 – The Rapaki to Lyttelton section will be incorporated into an extension of Route 28 while the rest will go into the new 155 route (see above).

These changes will be implemented in October 2018.

Note that the 2018-2028 RLTP mentioned above, which implemented these changes, is now being replaced by the new one that has just been released for consultation.

There is currently further consultation taking place on the 145 service replacement. The new route would go from Westmorland through Hoon Hay, Spreydon, Barrington, Sydenham to the CBD. The submission period has closed and the proposal will then go through to the Joint Committee for decisions.
Next time I will look at how each suburb is served by the current network and I also will try to see if I can dredge up anything from the big changes when the hub spoke system was brought in a few years ago, because I made public submissions on that one and also observed the hearings. At this stage I don’t know if I can still find any of the stuff that I worked on or submitted.
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